Surewin Food Technology Co. Ltd. (‘Surewin Food’) was established in 2003. It was a time when the number of the eating-out public was rising rapidly in Taiwan and frozen ready meals were growing in popularity. It was also during this time when Taiwan joined the WTO, and any national agricultural development and policy needed to be adjusted accordingly. Surewin Food decided to go towards processed-egg foods as they are easily stored frozen or chilled. Such foods also proved convenient for downstream food companies to develop varying and changeable meals.

  From the outset, Surewin Food dedicates its goal to become Taiwan’s No.1 company of processed-egg foods. Producing processed-egg foods with safe, healthy and the highest quality has always been Surewin Food’s mission. As such, we followed the build guidelines laid out by the GMP in the matter of plant design, while taking cue from the HACCP to manage the production flow. We have adopted high-quality sterilization to avoid salmonella contamination and ensure our processed-egg foods are safe. All these are done to ensure that consumers have complete confidence in our products. In matters of production, we have invested in many facilities and machines from Japan, USA and Europe. Apart from raising efficiency, it is also to provide a good working environment for our employees.
  Customer is the mainstay of any business, and we at Surewin Food lay much store by our B2B customers such as cafés, Japanese food stores, airline companies, schools and convenient stores. At the same time, we also export our products to Hong Kong and Singapore to introduce more of Taiwan’s egg-based agricultural products to more countries, in line with our vision to be an international company.

  We are mindful of the importance of sustainable development and management. As such, we have put a lot of R&D resources in infrastructure research of processed-egg foods and continuously get feedback from the market to come up with new and exciting products. Above all, we will always keep to our guiding principle of providing innovative, healthy, convenient, fast and delicious processed-egg foods to the consumers.

2003 was established in 2003.
2004 Got “Qualified Factory” Certification in 2004.
2005 Got “Qualified Supplier” on Café food chain and fresh food channels.
2006 Move to Da-Jia Industry Park, TaiChung city.
2007 Got “Qualified supplier” on Airplane Catering.
2008 Got “Qualified supplier” on Group Dining for school foods and the governments.
2009 Got ISO 22000 certification
2010 Got Moslem food, HALAL certification.
2011 Exported AzuyakiTamago to Singapore and Hong Kong
2012 Exported Omelette to Singapore
2014 Joint Food Taipei Trade Show in June, 2014